SoC-e and DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH test comprehensive multiport TSN Ethernet setup for Automotive Applications in the Research Project EMPHASE

System-on-Chip engineering S.L. (SoC-e) , a leader company in providing Silicon IP technology for the new generation Ethernet, has entered into an agreement supplying DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH with a Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Ethernet setup for the EMPHASE research project.

The project aims among other to research reliable, reconfigurable and intelligent E/E architectures, processing platforms, and sensor components as well as research into the associated fault-tolerant data processing part.

SoC-e, a company that is leadership in Time-aware Ethernet networking solutions enables safe deployment of the newest standards in TSN Ethernet and is a fast track approach to testing the use of TSN in automotive applications.

Within EMPHASE project, SoC-e has provided the TSN backbone infrastructure used in the Automotive demonstrator. This set-up emulates the behavior of some sections of the car interconnected using this new generation deterministic Ethernet standard. SoC-e provided the TSN switching infrastructure, consisted on SoC-e development boards based on System-on-Modules (SMARTmpsoc) programmed with SoC-e TSN IP Core (MTSN or Multiport TSN IP).

Figure 1: EMPHASE set-up with SoC-e TSN based Deterministic Ethernet backbone.

About System-on-Chip Engineering S.L (SoC-e) SoC-e is a worldwide leading supplier of Ethernet communication solutions based on FPGA technology and it is pioneer in offering a portfolio of IP cores that implement the leading-edge networking, synchronization and security technologies for critical systems. SoC-e technology for high-availability Ethernet (HSR/PRP), accurate timing distribution (IEEE 1588) and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) has been applied worldwide in very different applications for the Electric, Industrial and Aerospace sectors. For more information, please visit

About DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH

DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major automakers. We are committed to making the world a better place through our world-first products and technologies. For more information, please visit


AbsInt und Infineon erweitern Timing-Tool TimeWeaver für die AURIX-Mikrokontroller-Plattform

AbsInt stellt mit seiner Software TimeWeaver ein Werrkzeug zur Verfügung, mit dem die Ausführungszeit von Programm-Subroutinen anhand einer statischen Code-Analyse berechnet werden kann, so dass die Abschätzung der maximalen Abarbeitungszeit möglich wird. Dieses Tool ist nun auch dank einer Zusammenarbeit mit Infineon im Rahmen des BMBF-Projektes EMPHASE für die Infineon’s 32-bit TriCore AURIX-Mikrokontroller-Plattform verfügbar.

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